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Child Safety Foster Carer Agreement

Depending on whether you are a caregiver, relative or child welfare worker, your custody agreement may include: These assessments also give you the opportunity to discuss your participation in the case planning process and your participation as a member of the child care team. The agreement will also contain a list of responsibilities for maintenance tasks that we will ask you to recognize and approve. For example, we will ask you to accept child or adolescent training assistance and to participate in case management as a member of the „care team.“ This is the written agreement that has been reached between you and the Fostering Service if you are approved. A care agreement is not developed for a caregiver because her support needs are specific to the child who is in her care and who are covered by the placement agreement. There are other times when your care contract should be reviewed, including: you will check the agreement every time you have an interview with your assistant, which must be done at least once every 2 years. You will receive a copy of the signed care contract. A care agreement is a written agreement between you, Child Safety and your care and care service which: A care agreement is a written document that you and your support staff fulfill together. This may be someone from the department`s kinship care program or someone from a health care agency. If you are a new tutor, your tutor contract will be developed as part of your first evaluation and authorization process. If you are an existing manager, your agreement will be drawn up at your next meeting with your assistant. Your care contract will be reviewed when you renew admission as a caregiver.

You will be encouraged to address all issues that affect you during the audit, including: This is a great way to record the training and support you need, preferences for your internships and the responsibilities of you and your support staff. You and your support officer sign the document to make sure you agree with the written correspondence. This will help everyone to be on the same page, and help your collaborator support your trip. Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care: It describes the Fostering Service`s expectations of you, what you can offer and the support and training you can expect.

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