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Jira End User License Agreement

If you have not pre-paid the licence fee for the product, you must indicate the fee within the time frame indicated in the corresponding invoice or in good Software`s pricing conditions as published on the Atlassian Marketplace. If the royalties are not paid until the due date, the licences granted under this Board are terminated immediately. 7.5. Payment. You pay all the fees according to each order, according to the due dates and in the currency indicated in the order. If an order number is required for an invoice to be paid, you must accountsreceivable@atlassian.com Atlassian that order number by email to the order number. For additional services offered in a non-atlas location, you will reimburse Atlassian, unless otherwise stated in your order, the pre-approved travel, accommodation and catering costs that Atlassian may charge as incurred. Contrary to what is expressly stated in Section 7.3 (Restitution Policy) and Section 16 (IP Compensation by Atlassian), all amounts are non-refundable, unredified and non-refundable. You agree that we may charge your credit card or other payment methods for renewals, additional users, expenses and unpaid fees.

Software includes products that can be downloaded by software components or applications, including product categories that may be specific to Atlassian, such as . B servers (under indeterminate license) and Data Center applications (under subscription license). The software also includes computer software and source code, as well as media, symbols, images, text files, PDFs or other non-code static assets that are included in any form of software, printed material and electronic documentation and internet services. We provide the corresponding license keys (in the case of software) or login instructions (in the case of hosted services) to the email addresses listed in your order when we received payment of the costs incurred. All deliveries made under this agreement are electronic. In order to avoid any doubt, you are responsible for installing software and recognize that adaptavist and Atlassian do not have any additional delivery obligations with respect to the software after the delivery of the license keys. The license keys are delivered by Atlassian through the Atlassian Marketplace on behalf of Adaptavist, unless other agreements have been entered into directly with Adaptavist outside the scope of this agreement. 3.1. Your licence fee. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Atlassian grants you a non-exclusive, non-sub-licensed and non-transferable license for the installation and use of the Software for the duration of the licence for your own commercial purposes, in accordance with this Agreement, your applicable level of use, Documentation and all laws. 7.3.

RefinedWiki`s liability is limited in accordance with the above indications, unless it is gross negligence or intentional intent. RefinedWiki`s liability under this Contract for any damage of any kind is always limited to a maximum corresponding to the total royalties that the end user pays to RefinedWiki. This agreement is the full agreement between you and Adaptavist with respect to products and replaces all prior or simultaneous or oral communications and assurances regarding products or any other subject covered by this Agreement. If a provision of this agreement were to be annulled, invalidated, invalidated or illegally by a competent court or competent administrative authority, the other provisions will remain fully in force.

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