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Swapping Agreement Form

Parties: SHARING ECONOMY INTERNATIONAL INC. | Brighten Holdings Int`l Limited | Cleantech Solutions International, Inc| EC Assets Management Limited | Ever-Long Holdings Limited | Styland Holdings Limited Document Date: 12/6/2017 In the event of early termination of the swap agreement, each party to the swap agreement may be required to pay a termination to the other party for a specified amount in accordance with the terms of the swap agreement. In the event of early termination of the swap contract following the withdrawal of the bonds pursuant to Condition 8.2, any obligation of the issuer to provide the assets to the swap contract at any time is considered, for the purposes of calculating this termination payment, as an obligation of the issuer to pay the swap consideration an amount equal to the notional amount of those securitys. Parties: COMMUNITY CHOICE FINANCIAL INC. | |, ALABAMA, LLC Arizona, Inc| BUCKEYE CHECK CASHING, INC | Checksmart Financial Company | Mississippi, LLC | QC SERVICES FINANCIERS, INC | QC HOLDINGS, INC | QC HOLDINGS, LLC Document date: 11/10/2016 Governing Law:Ohio Parties: CLEANTECH SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC., | Cleantech Solutions International, Inc| Integrated | Media Technology Marvel Finance Limited | Vantage Ultimate Document Date: 22.11.2017 Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of the swap contract, the provisions of Section 10 (a) of the ISDA Executive Contract do not apply to the credit support document of Part A.1.1.4: Not applicable. Parties: WEATHERFORD INTERNATIONAL PLC | Citibank, NA | DEUTSCHE BANK AG | JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA | Morgan Stanley Senior Funding, Inc| ROYAL BANK OF CANADA | Weatherford International Ltd | WIL-Bermuda, WIL-Ireland and Weatherford International, LLC Document Date: 7/2/2019 Governing Law:New York Consequences of Early TerminationUpon any solche early termination of the Swap Agreement, the Issuer or the Counterparty may be liable to make a termination payment to the other (regardless, which party may have caused such termination). Neither the issuer nor the counterparty is required, under the swap agreement, to make the gross payments it must make to others when withholding tax is levied on those payments, but the swap contract may be terminated in this case.

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