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Water Dispenser Lease Agreement

Renting water coolers not only frees your business from a non-economical water solution, but also eliminates lifting, storage and replacement of heavy and heavy bottles; Saving their employees` time and eliminating the risk of injury. Only Waterlogic combines the best filtration technology with first-class customer service. Waterlogic connects directly to your water supply with a problem-free installation and provides complete maintenance to keep your water machine in perfect condition. Learn more about Waterlogic`s water cooler rental Our product line includes table coolers, bubbles, wall and working water boilers and log faucet systems. Each product connects directly to your well-established water pipes, using an existing resource that is paid for by your company. Waterlogic is constantly pushing the boundaries of water filtration innovation. Only our patented firewall technology offers 99.9999% filtration against bacteria and viruses that can contaminate your water. When you rent our models, you can update the most advanced model every time you extend. To help you think about the contract option that might be best for you, here are some of the pros and cons of buying, leasing or leasing a water cooler or water dispenser. Depending on the industry you work in, you may have specific needs in terms of the level of hygiene, characteristics or capacity of your water dispenser. Visit your industry site to see which product we recommend because of our experience in sourcing organizations from a wide variety of industries. Rent a waterlogic water dispenser and power your home or office with an endless source of clean, fresh drinking water at an affordable price. If you`re not sure about buying, renting or renting a water cooler, take some time to get a number of offers from different suppliers – and also receive an assessment of your business requirements from suppliers who can often offer more economical solutions.

B, such as installing different types of water dispensers in your business premises. Waterlogic water cooler rental allows your employees and customers to enjoy an unlimited supply of drinking water; as well as significant long-term and short-term savings for your business.

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